Berufliche Tätigkeit, Kompetenzprofil und Bildungsbedarf von Bautechnikern und Bau­technikerinnen

Whereas the importance of technicians in the construction sector is increasing, there is only few systematic knowledge on this group. Until now, it was not subject to scientific inquiry.

An explorative study of the BAQ Forschungsinstitut will now work out some basic information which are needed for policy making in the fields of labour and of education and training, in order to anticipate future changes. Because such information is lacking, no representative study is envisaged. Instead of a broad inquiry, some investigations will be undertaken in the field, using a case study approach, in order to find out how technicians work in which enterprises and what they are doing in which functions. Another focus will be on skills use and skills needs as well as the demand on initial and further training.

The study takes six months (November 2011 until April 2012). It is financed by the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung.