Labour in Construction    

Since 1995, when the BAQ was founded, it is investigating labour in construction. Its em­phasis was the empirical analysis of real working processes and activities, and its understand­ing in the frame of the societal and economic context. Surveys are taking place at the work place; they are directed towards the reality of the working process and include the employ­ees. They investigate real working activities of employees and their cooperation with others, the influence of technologies and of the work organisation as well as of the hierarchy. Also stress and demands on competences are regarded. Not at least working time recently is a main subject of research of the BAQ.

Technological Change and Digitalisation

The evolution of work under technological change is the main theme of sociology of labour and industry. Today, emphasis is on digitalisation of construction along the complete value chain from the design to the operation of a building and, if necessary, its demolition. BAQ has analysed labour in construction under technological change in numerous empirical pro­jects since 1995, including all categories of employees, and it has published a corresponding number of reports, papers and books.

Working time

Working time is one of the most important subjects of embodiment of work, thus, it is re­cently in the core of the research work of BAQ. The institute has undertaken a basic research on working time in 14 industries belonging to the area of IG Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt, completed by an inquiry among Betriebsräte (work place representatives). The results were presented in a report. This study is the cornerstone of in-depth-studying of working time under the condi­tions of industry of construction, agricultural industries, building materials industry, and ser­vices like cleaning.

Needs in competences

The real needs and demands in competences arising from the daily work and the develop­ment of competences by offering learning in the process of work, by assigning responsibilit­ies are landmarks of education and training. BAQ hat investigated the needs skills and quali­fications in numerous studies (for construction at European, national and regional level) as well as the needs on competences as basis for training schemes for various groups of em­ployees in German construction (skilled workers, foremen), also presented in reports and books.