BAQ - Forschungsinstitut für Beschäftigung Arbeit Qualifikation

Digitalisation and Change of Labour in Construction

The change of labour in construction is the main subject of research of BAQ – the research institute for employment, labour, and qualification (Beschäftigung Arbeit Qualifikation). The digitalisation of processes of design and planning as well as of execution of construction pro­jects, particularly by Building Information Modelling (BIM) are themes of recent projects. In particularly its consequences for working activities, work organisation, and demand on com­petences of employees are investigated. Based on empirical studies of working activities forms and consequences of new technologies for work in offices and on sites are analysed. So we promote a realistic estimation of consequences of technological change and its em­bodiment in the industry as well as for enterprises and employees. ...mehr


BAQ research on BIM


Construction drawings on paper are of yesterday. The future is digital models. Building In­formation Mo-delling (BIM) will bring new cha­llenges for construction firms as well as for em­ployees. BAQ has presented the first study on Con-sequences of BIM for Labour in Construc­tion in Germany. This explorative study ist he first step of analysing consequences of BIM for working activities, work organisation and needs on competences of em-ployees. Recently, these studies will be continued and completed by new projects, including drivers and obstacles of BIM as well as vies of employees towards it.






New publication


Besides research on concequences of BIM for labour in construction, Working Time remains a subject of research of BAQ. A recently new publication is Gerhard Syben: Unsere Arbeitszeit – Traditions-linien und neue Herausforderun­gen gewerkschaftlicher Politik, edited by IG Bau­en-Agrar-Umwelt (in German).